IAU100 同一星空共賞百年

Q11: My country isn’t represented in the IAU100 National Contacts and I wish to form a committee in my country.
A: For inquiries to form an IAU100 National Committee, please contact rivero@strw.leidenuniv.nl.

Q12: What does it mean “100 Years: Under one Sky”?
A: The IAU100 initiative celebrates the past century of scientific and technological discoveries related to astronomy. The celebrations highlight the importance of astronomy for education, development and diplomacy and for that, we want to stress that we are all “Under One Sky” as a way to show that astronomy brings us together beyond borders.

Q13: Why should I celebrate IAU 100 years anniversary?
A: While the IAU is turning 100 years old, it also means that we are celebrating 100 years of modern astronomy, its scientific accomplishments and its contribution and relevance for society and development.

Q14: I’m an Amateur Astronomer, Professional Astronomer, Educator, …? Are there any special events for me?
A: If you are an amateur astronomer… We are encouraging amateur astronomers to play a major role in the organisation of astronomy activities. As an amateur astronomer, you can participate in the 100 Hours of Astronomy, on 10-13 January 2019 to kick-off the anniversary celebrations and invites any astronomy-related activities events worldwide during this 100-hour period Moon Landing 50th Anniversary will occur on 20 July 2019, which will encourage people worldwide to celebrate by organising Moon observations on this day.

If you are an educator…

You can find various activities and resources under different Global Projects. You can be involved with Einstein Schools that encourages talented youth around the world to learn and communicate about gravity in astronomy.

If you are a professional astronomer… You can contact your IAU100 National Committee for advice or share new ideas on what can be done to promote astronomy in your region. You can, together with fellow amateur astronomers, support citizen science activities, outreach and educational activities under any of the IAU100 Themes.

Q15: My institution/organization wants to become an IAU100 Sponsor or Partner. How can I proceed?
A: There are numerous opportunities to partner with the IAU. Partners will receive enormous exposure through organised events, online presence and all IAU100 media coverage. We have planned multiple levels of engagement.