IAU100 同一星空共賞百年

Q16: I have an idea for an IAU100 event, how can I find support?
A: If you have a new idea and it is not listed in the Global Projects pages, contact the IAU100 National Committee in your own country and propose your ideas.

Q17: I’m a teacher, an informal educator… What kind of resources there are available for me?
A: There are a number of IAU projects dedicated to formal and informal educators. You can find the Global Projects and resources produced here: https://www.iau-100.org/projects.

Q18: How can I get Involved?
A: To get involved or to learn more about the IAU100 activities, please contact the Secretariat at rivero@strw.leidenuniv.nl or visit the IAU100 website at www.iau.org/iau100.

Q19: I want to share my activities with the community, how can I do it?
A: The IAU100 activities will have an international dimension, but it all starts with you in your local community! Tell us how you will be celebrating a century of astronomical discoveries! You can register your event in our Event Calendar or reach out to our communications team to share what you are planning.